Helping People with their Dogs

Please join us for
Training & Behavior Round Table Discussion
Saturday, September 21, 2024 | 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Space is limited!

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a resident of Willow Glen helping people with their pets since 1997. She is a Licensed Family Dog Mediator, Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Counselor. She is insured for your peace of mind.

“I am dedicated to helping dog owners with the challenges of raising a puppy so it matures into a well-mannered dog. By building a bond based on love and trust, puppies grow into happy, well-adjusted confident dogs. Using positive reinforcement, I can help you develop your dog’s willingness to focus, pay attention, and calm themselves through a series of games and exercises.”


Canine Behavior Counseling

Sometimes our dogs exhibit behaviors that frustrate and annoy us. Most are nuisance behaviors the dog has been rehearsing for a while. If you would like help de-coding and understanding your dog I can help.


Did you know socializing your puppy as well as providing a strong foundation in manners is the most important thing you can do in order to have a well-behaved dog as they mature? It’s critical that they get off to a good start building a solid foundation. Let’s channel that energy and put it to good use.


Willow Glen Paws Puppy School was just the training we needed for our little boxer. Rebecca was amazing to work with. She really listened, was supportive, and made training fun. Our puppy loved going there and we loved getting the updates and photos. We’ve definitely seen the results and highly recommend this school to others.
Deanna Morris
Rebecca helped us get off to right start with our new Goldendoodle puppy. I enjoyed working with Rebecca and was happy with how she helped us train and teach our family how to work with the puppy. We also used her for board and train while on vacation. She made us feel very good about leaving our puppy in very good caring hands.
Audrey Garcia
Highly recommend. Rebecca takes a very positive & down to earth approach to dog training. She trains in her home, so our pup Annie learned in the same kind of environment she lives in – couches & kitchen counters & so on – and she gave us plenty of support to continue the training at home. I thought I pretty much knew the basics about puppies & dogs, but I learned so much from Rebecca!
Emily Bolmen
“Rebecca is a godsend. She came to our house and went over everything we needed for our new puppy to make sure we started on the right paw. She is knowledgable about puppies and patient with thier owners. We are so happy we found her.”
B. Zormac