Consultations and Private Lessons

$150 for the first session – 90 minute consultation at my house, or yours if you live nearby.

I assess your dog, discuss desired behaviors, identify your goals/priorities through in-depth questions, design a customized training plan tailored to your needs. If there is time I will demonstrate how quickly your dog can learn with my fun methods. Follow up sessions are $100 per session and can be booked as needed.

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Puppy Day School

Developing life skills in your new dog is the most enriching and empowering transition you will make.  We prepare them for their future life, allowing them to approach each new situation with the right skills minimizing bad choices and bad experiences.

For puppies under 16 weeks

  • Initial Consultation Required: $150
  • Tuition: $1800
  • Puppies come for 6 hours per day, 3 days per week, for 4 weeks; 12 sessions

The curriculum includes:

  • Socialization with other dogs and people

  • Problem Solving and Prevention: biting, jumping, chewing, potty training
  • Manners Foundation Training: come, sit, down, stay, drop it, leave it

  • Build confidence through exposure to novel stimuli and games

  • Build calmness through relaxation exercises

  • Body handling and restraint

  • Multiple training sessions everyday * Weekly homework and Zoom meetings to answer questions. * One month of ongoing support following initial training anytime you have a question

For puppies over 16 weeks

  • Initial Consultation Required: $150
  • Tuition: $3600
  • Dogs come for 6 hours per day, 3 days per week, for 8 weeks; 24 sessions

8 weeks is the amount of time needed for your dog to digest and form new ways of coping with new experiences in their environment. We practice foundation skills indoors, outdoors as well as around town. Your dog will learn how to focus and pay attention to you. And you will learn how to build and strengthen your relationship with your dog.

The curriculum includes everything in the curriculum for puppies 16 weeks and under with an emphasis on traveling to public places that will give your dog new experiences and help them practice calm focus on you instead of everything else in the environment.  There will also be time to address unwanted behaviors your dog is practicing at home and on walks. You will learn how to modify those behaviors for a calmer and happier dog.

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Canine Behavior Counseling

  • Initial Consultation (Required): $150
  • Follow Up Sessions: $100
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Behavior History Form

Consultations are 60-90 minutes long.   We will discuss your dog’s behavior and come up with realistic management tools you can implement right away as well as a training plan to help you reach your goals.

These sessions are meant to find out why your dog is behaving a certain way, how to modify their behavior and help guide you to train your dog to live in a more peaceful manner. Individual sessions can be booked as needed.

Would you like help understanding why your dog  behaves the way he does? Are you frustrated living with an untrained dog or one that expresses some behavior problems? Together we can prevent,  manage and train your dog to respect boundaries. Your dog can learn new behaviors that create peace for both species.

Board and Train

$200 per night. 5 day minimum

This can be a perfect solution if you are going out of town. Your dog will practice their manners and get three formal training sessions per day.   Two 30 minute transfer sessions  are included upon your return.

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$100 per night

This is for select clients who have worked with me and only if I have room for them.  Your dog will be treated as a family member with lots of cuddles, a daily walk and opportunities for play and rest as needed on a comfortable doggy bed.  Boarding  also includes snacks, medications, personal loving attention.  You provide their daily ration.

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Willow Glen Paws Puppy School was just the training we needed for our little boxer. Rebecca was amazing to work with. She really listened, was supportive, and made training fun. Our puppy loved going there and we loved getting the updates and photos. We’ve definitely seen the results and highly recommend this school to others.

Deanna Morris

Rebecca helped us get off to right start with our new Goldendoodle puppy. I enjoyed working with Rebecca and was happy with how she helped us train and teach our family how to work with the puppy. We also used her for board and train while on vacation. She made us feel very good about leaving our puppy in very good caring hands.

Audrey Garcia

Highly recommend. Rebecca takes a very positive & down to earth approach to dog training. She trains in her home, so our pup Annie learned in the same kind of environment she lives in – couches & kitchen counters & so on – and she gave us plenty of support to continue the training at home. I thought I pretty much knew the basics about puppies & dogs, but I learned so much from Rebecca!

Emily Bolmen

“Rebecca is a godsend. She came to our house and went over everything we needed for our new puppy to make sure we started on the right paw. She is knowledgable about puppies and patient with thier owners. We are so happy we found her.”

B. Zormac