I focus on the dog’s mental, emotional and physical strengths to build a bond based on mutual trust and understanding.  This bond allows me to teach dogs new ways to behave and builds their confidence in the world around them. I do this by using something the dog finds rewarding to help them learn desirable behaviors. By practicing these new behaviors dogs become more confident. Confident dogs are more emotionally stable.

Our dogs are not born with a manual that tells them how to behave in our world.  We need to show them the way.  Although they can learn at any age, the best time to build the bond, train and teach manners  is when they are puppies or as soon as you adopt them.  Learning starts as soon as your dog crosses the threshold into your house.  Your new dog is picking up cues on how to behave all the time.  Here at Willow Glen Paws, we want to get you and your pup started on the right paw. To do that we give them the foundation they need to grow into the beautiful well behaved canines they are meant to be.  Regardless of your dog’s age, I can help you understand your dog so you can see the world from their perspective.