Families with dogs are more stressed than ever before.  Although we cannot solve the world’s or our nation’s problems, perhaps we find a way to make our dog’s lives a little less stressful and thereby our own. We will share strategies about what has worked for us as we try to help each other with our dogs. We are interested in our dog’s welfare. We want to help them live a calmer and more peaceful life.

If you are dealing with puppy shenanigans, teenage angst, or senior dog challenges, please join us for one of our Behavior Round Tables. These discussions focus on what you would like to talk about…as long as dog behavior is the main focus. The Round Table will be held at Willow Glen Paws, from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. Limited enrollment. Snacks and drinks provided.

Please bring topics you want to talk about or let me know in advance.

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